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The Essential Review

Member Care Associates -- Gl Resource Update
December 2017 -- Number 18
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Global Integration Update -- December 2017
Common Ground for the Common Good 

The Essential Review
Three Years of Resources and Reflections
(2015-2017 Index)

In this summary Update we index the GI Updates from 2015-2017. These 17 Updates both shape and are shaped by the foundational thinking for the global integration framework (defined below). They contain crucial resources and reflections for understanding and engaging with major issues facing our world.

We have kept the Index simple. It includes the title, link, and a short description of the contentWe encourage you to review the Index and to note the topics (resources and reflections) that are the most relevant for your work.

As for the future of the GI Updates: we will likely do shorter issues (special news), send them periodically vs monthly, and focus on a specific resource, organization, or event.

Actively integrating our lives with global realities
by connecting relationally and contributing relevantly

on behalf of human wellbeing and the issues facing humanity,
in light of our integrity and core values (e.g., ethical, humanitarian, faith-based).

Resources and Reflections
Three Years of Global Integration Updates

The United Nations, Geneva
GI Update October 2017
Helping the Helpers: 50 Resources for Humanitarian Workers. The focus is on the wellbeing and effectiveness (WE) of staff in the humanitarian sector.  We finish with some perspectives on “knitting the net” of global caregivers.

GI Update August 2017
Everyday Global Heroes: Moral Lives Matter. We feature resources to encourage heroic action and lifestyles in ourselves and others. The final reflections on World Humanitarian Day (19 August) honor both aid workers who risk their lives and the millions of people affected by crises around the world.

Doomsday: Next Stop, Global Dis-Integration?  Part One lists recent quotes from influential organizations about the serious issues threatening the people-planet nexus. Part Two links to several songs with themes of world catastrophe and/or world peace and love.  We finish with some personal reflections on “The Age of Egregious.”

GI Update April 2017
Living in Global Integrity: Moral Wholeness for a More Whole World. We highlight the importance and challenges of practicing integrity at all levels—individual-institutional-international—for fostering wellbeing for all people and the planet. The personal reflections are on “investing in global integrity.”

Connecting Across Sectors; What’s Happening—What’s Harkening. The focus is on a variety of recent resources to inform us (what’s happening in our globalizing world) and impel us (what’s harkening us to take relevant action). We finish by spotlighting the Relational Thinking Network and the role of quality relationships at all levels of society.

GI Update December 2016
Peace and Security: Resources from Geneva Peace Week. We list several resources from Geneva Peace Week 2016, with its over 50 events related to peace and security. Our personal reflections describe the Trio Gathering in our home in which we discussed the week’s peace-security events/issues, for mutual learning and mutual support.

GI Update October 2016
Global Grids: New Strategies for Staying Informed–Applications for SDGs. We present a versatile framework (GI Grid) to help us stay updated, acknowledging the difficulty to do so. It is organized into two parts: context resources (global, multi-sectoral) and core resources (global, personal emphases). We finish with a brief reflection on our strategic and moral responsibility to proactively stay informed.

GI Update August 2016
Confronting Global Issues: New Resources from Seven Sectors. We feature recent resources from seven sectors that focus on serious global issues: Humanitarian (emphasized), Development, Education-Learning, Environment, Health, Human Rights, and Peace-Security Sectors. There are no personal reflections at the end.
Global Citizenship: Recent Events and Resources. We review four events: Education for Global Citizenship (UN. Korea), World Humanitarian Summit (UN, Istanbul), World Health Assembly (WHO, Geneva), and Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority (World Bank, Washington DC). Our personal reflections probe our core identities and our common identity as humans.

GI Update April 2016
Global Strides: Special Events for Improving Our World. Influential events are featured that are happening in April-May 2016, emphasizing the World Humanitarian Summit (UN, Istanbul).  We conclude with one of our favorite quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.--on human progress.

GI Update February 2016
Working Together Well. We present recent resources which reflect the growing commitment—and collaborative journey—to make the world a better place, such as One Humanity: Shared Responsibility, the new UN report on humanitarian action. We share brief reflections on our personal journey into GI along with a short video to celebrate the UN’s 70th anniversary and its Charter for all peoples.

GI Update December 2015
Staying Current–Navigating the News. We overview information sources for staying current with GI: a) Newsletters/Updates; b) World Reports on special topics; c) links to several News/Media Sources; and d) recent resources from the UN, humanitarian, and the global health/mental health sectors. We finish by reflecting on informed, skilled, and critical partnering for sustainable development.

GI Update October 2015
Transforming Our World. We present the United Nations new sustainable development agenda with its 17 sustainable development goals and 169 targets (Transforming Our World). We also share some perspectives on the importance of personal transformation and faith for sustainable transformation in our world.

 GI Update August 2015
Faith-Based Partners in Transformation. Our focus is on examples of faith-based resources for human development and wellbeing. We emphasize the transformational role of the faith-based sector within Global Integration (GI), noting that faith-based people are mainstream contributors and partners–and not marginal players.

GI Update June 2015
General–Current and Crucial Resources. We include the World Humanitarian Summit, religion and humanitarian action webinar, mhGAP Humanitarian Intervention Guide, the latest UN material on Transforming the World by 2030, international psychology news bulletin (American Psychological Association), and the Peace and Collaborative Development website. The personal reflections are found in the link to our weblogs on "global integrators."

GI Update April 2015
Understanding the Current Global Context. These materials overview the state of world’s development and peace building, with each item complemented by a mental health resource. It concludes with a link to some initial reflections on what it means to be “global integrators.”

GI Update February 2015
Sustainable Development: Common Ground for the Common Good. This issue launched the first "official" GI Update. It provides core information/links for understanding sustainable development and the UN sustainable development goals. The final section offers five suggestions for tracking with the UN 's unfolding efforts and plans for sustainable development.
--All the Updates are archived in the Global Integration section on the Member Care Associates website.

--This section on our website also includes the list-links for the above 17 Updates (described in more detail), currently sent to 1800+ emails.  It also includes the list-links for 20 additional GI updates that were initially sent periodically and informally to 10-100 colleagues from January 2013--February 2015.

--Our first writings about GI were done in 2011 on the CORE Member Care weblog, 12 entries focusing on member care and mental health applications for global integration.

Summary Thoughts
Commitments for Global Integrators

The seven commitments below reflect many of the values and directions that have influenced our development of the global integration framework. Ultimately global integration involves "global integrators" whose lifestyles are marked with personal integrity, relevant skills, and healthy relationships that are leveraged for good. (adapted from the summary entry for the Global Integrators seriesCORE Member Care, December 2015)

1. We commit to diligently pursue our own journeys of personal and professional growth—to grow deeply as we go broadly.

 2. We commit to integrate the inseparable areas of our character (resilient virtue) and competency (relevant skills) with compassion (resonant love).

3. We commit to go into new areas of learning and work: crossing sectors, cultures, disciplines, and comfort zones.

4. We commit to embrace our duty to help others in difficult settings, including those permeated by conflict, calamity, corruption, and poverty as those in great need are often in places of great risk.

5. We commit to have clear ethical commitments and standards that guide our work in global integration, respecting the dignity and worth of all people.

6. We commit to working with others to promote wellbeing and sustainable development for all people and the planet, building the future we want and being the people we need.

7. Add any other core commitments here that are important for you in relation to global integration.  For example: human rights, love, faith, hope, etc.

Image courtesy Erin O'Donnell, California coast, September 2017

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Member Care Associates
Member Care Associates Inc. (MCA) is a non-profit organisation working internationally from Geneva and the USA. MCA's involvement in Global Integration focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness of personnel and their organizations in the mission, humanitarian, and development sectors as well as global mental health, all with a view towards supporting sustainable development for all people and the planet. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing resources, and publications.
Global Integration is a framework for actively integrating our lives with global realities by connecting relationally and contributing relevantly on behalf of human wellbeing and the issues facing humanity, in light of our integrity and core values (e.g., ethical, humanitarian, human rights, faith-based).
Global Integration Updates
The Essential Review--December 2017
Helping the Helpers--
October 2017
Everyday Heroes--August 2017
Doomsday--June 2017
Living in Global Integrity--April 2017
Connecting Across Sectors--February 2017
Peace and Security--December 2016

Global Grids--October 2016
Confronting Global Issues--August 2016
Global Citizenship--June 2016
Global Strides--April 2016
Working Together Well--February 2016

Staying Current and Navigating the News--December 2015
Transforming Our World--October 2015
Faith-Based Partners in Transformation--August 2015
Current and Crucial Resources--June 2015
Understanding the Current Global Context--April 2015
Sustainable Development--February 2015
The GI Updates are designed to help shape and support the emerging diversity of global integrators who as learners-practitioners are committed to the "common ground for the common good." The image at the top of the Update (global pearl) is a cover detail from our edited book, Global Member Care (volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013). William Carey Library. 
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