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Special News--July 2019

Global Integration Updates
Special News--July
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Global Integration Updates
Common Ground for the Common Good 

Special News--July 2019
Expanding Our Perspectives
Communication and Information Resources

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In this Update we share resources from three different and overlapping sectors to help keep you informed about important news, events, and issues.
--Development sector: Information from the UN Department of Global Communications
--Humanitarian SectorThe New Humanitarian, an independent news organization
--Health Sector: Recent developments and directions in Global Mental Health.

We have also included links to additional news and education organizations as well as links for four short videos. See also: Keeping Up with the UN (
GI Update April 2019and Staying Current--Navigating the News (GI Update December 2015).
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Featured Resources
Expanding Our Perspectives
Communication and Information Resources

1. UN Department of Global Communications, Civil Society Unit.
Have a look at the latest Newsletter for information on several UN events and news that are especially of interest to Civil Society organizations. Watch the 3+ minute video overview. Also note that UN Web TV broadcasts live and has many archived UN events (example; currently the broadcast from the UN New York is focusing on   "Confronting ageism and empowering older people to ensure social, economic and political inclusion of all.")

See also
--Devex"Do good. Do it well."  (media platform and social enterprise working to improve the global development community-industry) See the latest news HERE.
--Globethics.net"Integrating ethics in higher education." Read the latest newsletter HERE.


2. The New Humanitarian
“The New Humanitarian (formerly IRIN News) was founded by the United Nations in 1995, in the wake of the Rwandan genocide, out of the conviction that objective on-the-ground reporting of humanitarian crises could help mitigate or even prevent future disasters of that magnitude. Almost twenty years later, we became an independent non-profit news organisation, allowing us to cast a more critical eye over the multi-billion-dollar emergency aid industry and draw attention to its failures at a time of unprecedented humanitarian need. As digital disinformation went global, and mainstream media retreated from many international crisis zones, our field-based, high-quality journalism filled even more of a gap. Today, we are one of only a handful of newsrooms world-wide specialised in covering crises and disasters – and in holding the aid industry accountable.”
Check out the reports, stories, news etc. on the website.
Watch the two minute video overview…journalism is the first draft of history…”
See also 
--Global Geneva magazine: “compelling journalism, ideas, and lifestyles"
--GlobalPostoriginal international reporting rooted in integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling” (merged with Public Radio International in 2015)

3. Global Mental Health
"It’s time for mental health for all."
Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General, May 2019 (two minute video)

Global Mental Health: What's Up? Recent Developments and Directions. Kelly O'Donnell, Julian Eaton, and Michele Lewis O'Donnell. Global Insights, Office of International Affairs, American Psychological Association (June 2019).  "Are we shifting into a new phase of global mental health (GMH)? Very likely. In this article we highlight several recent markers over the past year (events, reports, manuals, campaigns, consortia, etc.) that collectively reflect crucial developments and directions as well as increased momentum for GMH. It is the latest in an ongoing series of articles to orient colleagues in mental health and across sectors to GMH." (excerpt from the introduction). Click HERE for the overview version of the article. Click HERE for the full version of the article.

See also
World Mental Health Day (WMHD, 10 October). Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Suicide.
Watch the 90 seconds 
WMHD video.
--UHC2030: "global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage."

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Member Care Associates

Member Care Associates Inc. (MCA) is a non-profit, Christian organization working internationally from Geneva and the USA. MCA's involvement in Global Integration focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness of personnel and their organizations in the mission, humanitarian, and development sectors as well as global mental health, all with a view towards supporting sustainable development for all people and the planet. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing resources, and publications.

Global Integration is a framework for actively and responsibly engaging in our world--locally to globally. It emphasizes connecting relationally and contributing relevantly on behalf of human wellbeing and the issues facing humanity, in light of our integrity, commitments, and core values (e.g., ethical, humanitarian, human rights, faith-based).
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The GI Updates are designed to help shape and support the emerging diversity of global integrators who as learners-practitioners are committed to the "common ground for the common good." The image at the top of the Update (global pearl) is a cover detail from our edited book, Global Member Care (volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013). William Carey Library. 
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