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Special News--January 2020

Global Integration Updates
Special News--January 2020
Issue 43
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Global Integration Updates
Common Ground for the Common Good 
Build the world we need--Be the people we need

Special News--January 2020
Shaping Our Future Together
What do we want? Are we on track? What must we do?

Join the conversation.
Be the change.

UN75: 2020 and Beyond

In this Update we feature the United Nations new global campaign, UN75: Shaping Our Future Together.  We join in solidarity with the UN as it marks its 75th anniversary in 2020 and launches "the biggest-ever global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want.

We encourage you to check out the UN75 website and its concise, well-organized information. For example, as you go through the website:

--Watch the short video overview for UN75.
--Take the One Minute Survey to give input on the future you want and what we must do.
--Read some of the Issue Briefs which outline issues like climate crisis, inequality, new forms of conflict and violence, and the rapid changes in demography and digital technologies. 

Note that in general we are very supportive of the UN's multi-faceted efforts and collaborations with Civil Society et al. to promote security, development, human rights etc. in our world. We do so prudently, not uncritically, and with a view towards our also including the importance of developing virtue at all levels and of acknowledging dependence on God at all levels.

See also Keeping Up with the UN (GI Update, April 2019) and Fulfilling Our Political and Moral Responsibilities (final thoughts section, GI Update, December 2019). So in short, let us join together to build the world we need. And let us join together to be the people we need.
Warm greetings from Geneva,
Kelly and Michèle

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Shaping Our Future Together
What do we want? Are we on track? What must we do?

Source: UN photo
Join the conversation.
Be the change.

UN75: 2020 and Beyond
"Tackling issues such as the climate crisis, inequality, new patterns of violence and the major changes we are seeing in population and technology in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals--our shared vision for the future--will require cooperation across borders, sectors and generations.
But just when we need collective action more than ever, support for global cooperation is flagging. In many countries, public trust in traditional institutions is in decline and relations between countries are under strain. Dialogue–and action–on global issues could not be more urgent. Through these conversations, the UN aims to build a global vision of 2045–its centenary, increase understanding of the threats to that future, and support enhanced international cooperation to realise that vision." (source: UN75 website, home page, Why Now?)

Connecting and Contributing to the UN75 Campaign
Five Suggestions
--1. Take the One Minute Survey to give input on the future you want and what we must do. We have done so! It is available in the six official UN languages.

--2. Watch the 4.5 minute video overview for UN75

--3. Watch the overview video about the current global situation from the perspective on the UN. Do it, discuss it, and debate it with colleagues. It is featured at the beginning of the UN75 home page. (11 minutes)

--4. Review the Toolkits for Dialogue to help "connect people-amplify their voices--inspire action. "From January 2020, which starts the 75th anniversary year of the Organization, the UN will work with partners to initiate dialogues within and across borders, sectors and generations. The aim is to reach as many people as possible: to listen to their hopes and fears; learn from their experiences; and empower them to think and act globally."  (UN75 home page)

--5. Read the Issue Briefs. "To help frame and inspire your dialogues read some of our Issue Briefs which outline issues such as the climate crisis, inequality, new forms of conflict and violence, and the rapid changes in demography and digital technologies. These issues will all require effective cooperation across borders, sectors, and generations.
The United Nations wants to gather diverse perspectives and creative ideas on what is needed to address these emerging risks and opportunities. How can we collectively navigate the gap between the future we need and where we are headed, if these mega-trends continue?" (from UN75, Issue Briefs section)
Build the world we need.
Be the people we need.

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